Why believe in yourself?

“Believe in yourself”

On the surface we have learned to accept this phrase as an empowering statement that propels us into the land of fortune and prosperity but is that really what it’s doing?

Let’s look at this phrase – “believe in yourself”. What is there to believe exactly? You exist. What more is there that is required for you to believe in?

Do you need to believe in yourself in order for you to wake up each day or for you to see your reflection in the mirror, for you to walk down the street and get a cup of coffee, in order for you to do anything you do throughout your day, even breathe? It’s just a given isn’t it?


It’s not as if you need to consciously think each and every moment, “must believe in myself otherwise I’ll disappear from existence”, do you?

So now let’s look a little deeper.

What happens next when we believe this thought that we should “believe in ourselves”? We start to create ideas about ourselves, don’t we? Ideas that form a perception of who we believe ourselves to be. So that we have something to believe IN right?

And then we go further don’t we? We begin forming ideas about our world now that we can begin to believe in so that soon enough we are just projecting our own meaning onto ourselves and our world SO that we have something to believe in.

And then what happens? We vigorously attempt to live up to these ideas we’ve created about ourselves don’t we? Whether they are impacting our lives in a seemingly positive way or not. We struggle with them, we try to overcome the  seemingly endless challenges and we may even perceive certain victories at times over these self imposed ideas.

Then what follows on from that? Don’t we find ourselves defending these ideas to others? Acting out a myriad of behaviours that seek to manipulate a common understanding that our ideas are the right ones – the truth?

And then sometimes, do you also find that you actively seek out attacking others ideas in order to maintain your “truth” about what the world is like and who you are within it? So afraid about what might happen if your ideas were found to be wrong the lengths you find yourself going to in order to protect your perceived wellbeing can bring about surprising behaviours can’t it?

And then what? Perhaps you’ll find yourself changing your mind on your ideas from time to time, so that you can redefine yourself and your world in such a way that appears to cause less conflicting moments for you in the future.

You may compare your ideas to others and their experience and find yourself manipulating or abandoning your own for theirs in order to find that relief, that all important end point of achievement of “truth” , of happiness, so that you can finally relax.

And you may even find some times you’ll just fluctuate back and forth between certain ideas, not really changing but more just ebbing and flowing between your beliefs depending on a given situation, given time of day, given state of being?

How exhausting this is! So it stands to reason that we get more and more tired each and every day as we struggle so vehemently with who we believe ourselves to be, in constant redefining or defending of our ideas as we battle with this world and it’s people that seem to oppose us at every twist and turn, seeking to undermine our very existence!

So I wonder what would happen if you didn’t believe in yourself – if you could just live your life free of the limitations and struggles that come with trying to fit into the complex establishment of ideas about who you believe you are and what you believe your world to be. I wonder what LIFE would be like then?

Perhaps instead of believing we could simply BE-living. And instead of believing in ourselves, we could simply BE. Maybe then we can begin to Truly Know who we are.

Beyond Belief

If you’ve read any New Age books over the last 20 – 30 years you’ll have read a myriad of versions of the same idea surrounding the power of beliefs, from thousands of inspiring authors.

But what if belief wasn’t EVERYTHING? In fact, what if beliefs weren’t ANYTHING?

                                             Within Every BeLIEf there is the LIE

When I first came across this idea  I’ll be honest, it tore my own foundations to shreds. It left me feeling as if I was completely helpless. And yet deep down, I felt somewhere inside me let me know that it wasn’t in fact the end of the world at all – it was just the beginning of my seeing it.

This I would come to recognise as KNOWING.

You see, I’d been on a seemingly endless journey with beliefs with all it’s ups and downs and successes and defeats and to be quite frank, I felt like I was in the very same place to where I had started. Yes, things may have appeared to be different but in actual fact, when I honestly surveyed my life, they weren’t – they were just a different version of the same thing.

And I was exhausted…this whole believing game was tiring. If I wasn’t defending my beliefs I was on the look out for new ones. If I wasn’t changing my beliefs I was actively attacking anothers in order to ensure the survival of my own. And if that wasn’t working I would seek support from others so that I could reinforce the shakey foundations of what I believed was my “truth”. It was neverending.

And if that wasn’t enough, I found myself constantly on the look out for these “limiting beliefs” of mine. Some I had uncovered and changed while others were apparently still lurking under the surface of my conscious awareness seemingly plotting my demise while I so vigorously fought with them, trying to get ahead in life.

So when I first came to realise the Truth about beliefs , I thought my entire world had ended….and it had…..for the better.

You see, what I realised is that beliefs are simply ideas about who we believe ourselves to be and what our world is like – they’re not actually REAL.  They are interpretations, perceptions of LIFE that culminate from the experience that we refer to as our past. And it’s because of their illusionary value that when we identify with them we feel this inherent instability and uncertainty that pushes us into a dramatic defense of ourselves to others – seeking validation of our beliefs as if our life depended upon it. We experience constant battles as we come into conflict with others and their ideas but that is the only cause of struggle and suffering.

Life isn’t a struggle.

It is our interpretation of life that causes our suffering. It is our perception of ourselves that within that world we have made within our mind that we struggle with each and every day. And the beautiful part of it is that neither are real, we simply believe them to be.

Knowing on the other hand, just like LIFE and TRUTH simply is. It needs no defending, it has no counterpart, it is EVERYTHING. Our knowing is the part of us that is connected to REALITY. It cares not for attack or defense and can not be intellectualised in any REAL way.

Unlike beliefs, KNOWING can not be understood it can only be experienced.

There is no such thing as a limiting or empowering knowing. It is not this or that, it simply is. It knows no fear, no struggle, no suffering, no war, nothing illusionary. What is an illusion does not exist and therefore can not be seen in REALITY through the lens of Knowing.

It is the solid foundation that permeates all LIFE and allows illusions to fall away as peace, joy and freedom return to our mind.

The peace you seek, the happiness you chase, the freedom you yearn for all comes from this simple knowing. You need nothing more because there is nothing more. The endless struggle with belief is no longer.

Knowing is the one place that instead of believing, you can simply be-living.

Life as an Idea

Let’s talk about this idea we call LIFE.

We talk about LIFE as this singular experience that exists outside of ourselves and yet, when you take a moment to look deeper, you very quickly begin to see the gaps in our way of thinking that open wide to a doorway of knowing that is very different from the picture we have painted for ourselves.

Throughout the course of these articles we will endeavour to uncover the illusionary aspects of what we term “reality” whilst allowing the paradoxical nature of our existence to gently drift into our awareness as we close the gaps created by our perception.

This is a journey into freedom, allowing us to be free from the very concepts and ideas we have made ourselves believe to be true of the world we live in. A thought based illusionary prison. This is not LIFE however.

Beyond the suffering of the world we make, lay the beautiful REALITY that has always been.

I understand that as much as my words will engage the deeper knowing we all have within us that would free us from our ideas of suffering and struggle, these articles will quite possible challenge people along the way. Our small, limited self – what some refer to as the ego – will no doubt feel threatened by the words that will shine the light of awareness on it’s dark shadows. That’s to be expected.

Personal transformation being my passion and profession, I welcome this as it is the first step toward REAL change and can shift your way of thinking and your life very quickly given the opportunity.

If you simply enter with an open mind and nothing else, I guarantee you’ll find much more than you could ever have anticipated. You are not asked or expected to believe anything that is written on these pages and in fact it is not necessary at all in order for you to benefit.

We are working with our KNOWING here, It does not need to be believed in because it simply is. Like true reality, it is not an idea. If you like, you can think about it like this:

Beliefs can be understood. They can be intellectualised and therefore can be questioned and changed at any given moment.

Knowing cannot. It can only be felt and experienced, never understood. And it can never be questioned or changed because it simply is and always has been. It needs no protection, it needs no belief – it simply is.

This is where I will engage from and it is here that I will connect with your knowing in any way you choose to allow.

Welcome to Life as an Idea.